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The Gostivar Youth and Community Center (GYCC) aims to build community resilience and promote a greater sense of active citizenship in Gostivar by:

Who we are ?

The Gostivar Youth and Community Center (GYCC) serves a safe and open space for all Gostivar residents. We provide community programming to Gostivar’s youth, and our rent-free community room is available to any community member wishing to bring positive change to Gostivar. We aim to bring the community members together, celebrate our rich cultures, and build a more resilient community.

The GYCC Center is operated by Democracy Lab, an organization committed to forming networks and partnerships focused on building, developing, and sustaining a functional democratic system in Macedonia and the Western Balkan State. In our efforts, we are supported by the Municipality of Gostivar and the United States Embassy of Macedonia.

Delivering Youth Programming

We implement non-formal education programming for Gostivar youth. This programming is designed to help our youth develop life skills, think critically, and become responsible and active Macedonian citizens. The YCC currently offers 6 non-formal education programs: creative expressions, English club, financial literacy, hacking the political system, leadership, and youth employability. If you are interested in attending any of our youth programs, check out the events calendar for times and dates.

Offering a Community Meeting Space

Our community room is available for all Gostivar community members who wish to hold a community event, such as a workshop or club, but lack the space needed. We offer this service free of charge. If you are interested in using the community room, please visit our “reservation form” tab to find available dates and times.

Bridging the Divide between Government and Community

We are dedicated to bringing Gostivar’s community members closer to those who serve their public interests. We hold monthly discussions between public figures and community members. These discussions promote a greater degree of government transparency and develop trust between the public and public servants and officials. If you are interested in attending any of our discussion groups, check out the events calendar for times and dates.

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