Online Harassment on Social Media

The Center for Equal Opportunities "Mollekuqja" organized the workshop "Online Harassment on Social Media", an activity that is part of the SEEN campaign. Hate speech, bullying, insults, and threats on the internet have become part of daily life for many girls who use social media. According to research conducted by "Mollekuqja", 65.8% of girls interviewed have received messages from boys or men containing various forms of sexual harassment, hate language, threats, and insults. 32.2% of them have not received such content on social media, while 1.9% prefer not to say it. Given these data, in the organized workshop they discussed: the psychological support of victims who receive messages containing bullying, hate language, threats, or insults; legal support and the procedure for denouncing such cases until the competent authorities take action. This activity was carried out within the framework of the Young Cities project.


Young Cities

Center for Equal Opportunities Mollekuqja


September 11th, 2021


Youth and Community Center

Major Cede Filiposki 158
Gostivar, 1230 Macedonia

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