A Workshop and a Debate-Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities ISSH Skopje

The YCC staff in collaboration with representatives from the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities Skopje co-organized and implemented two different events. The first one was a workshop on the topic of  “The effects of the Polarizing Discourse”, implemented within the project "Social normalization: strengthening political dialogue and depolarizing public discourse" supported by the Civica Mobilitas program. The main aim of the workshop was to raise awareness of the effects of depolarization on democratic processes and policy-making processes.

The second event was a public debate on the topic “What can keep young people in Gostivar? What does it take for young people not to leave Gostivar? ”. One of the reasons that this debate was organized was the detection of the importance of this issue and the implications of possible exit positions and ideas towards solving this problem. The debate was attended by a large number of community members and the participants of the debate were representatives of political parties elected in the Municipal Council of Gostivar, as well as civic activists who have been engaged in alarming and solving this serious problem.


Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities-ISSH Skopje

Youth and Community Center - YCC


February 24th, 2020


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