Creative Expression


February 21st, 2023

This program gives the participants an opportunity to explore a range of creative outlets, teaching the participants ways to make their lives infinitely interesting and engaging with limited resources, and helping them express themselves and their creativity. Creative Expression will be open to all ages that attend the YCC; however, we will focus our recruitment efforts on youth ages 11-18. Throughout the program, participants will discover and practice various creative outlets such as creative writing, sketching, poetry, origami, etc. The program will culminate with an art showcase, allowing participants to display their creativity publicly.

This program will last for a total of 15 weeks and will be held in the Gostivar Youth Community Center. Sessions will be held on a weekly basis and will last for a total of 1 hour. Sessions will be participant focused and highly interactive. Participants will experience a range of creative activities. Each week will focus on one activity; however, weeks 13 and week 14 will give participants individual working time to create art that will be displayed at the program’s concluding showcase, held on week 15.

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