Hacking the Political System


February 21st, 2023

It is important for the younger generations to know how government and different types of governments work in order to raise awareness about the functioning of the political systems nationally and worldwide, as well as prepare them to meet demands for effective and civic action in complex political settings. Political behavior from different systems sometimes becomes an obstacle to social relations among world nations and people. In order for citizens to participate actively and give shape to government policies, they should be conversant with their responsibilities and become the booster of democratic and social change. This program helps students to develop their critical thinking and deepen their knowledge of theory and action.

The program will last for 15 weeks with one session per week. There will be a variety of activities that will be included in the program, such as lectures on the history of governments, political and social philosophy, civic rights, and laws. There will be guest speakers from the local level- municipality and central institutions. Furthermore, there will be discussions on national and global issues through interactive teaching and learning.

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