February 21st, 2023

The YCC’s Leadership Program will provide leadership skills training to youth ages 16-21. The Leadership Program will provide knowledge and teach skills on topics including leadership styles, decision-making, goal-setting, communication skills, teamwork and collaboration, and motivational skills. During the program, the participants will organize and implement a community project. All participants will also be required to complete volunteer work. They will describe their volunteer experience to each other and community members during the Showcase at the end of the program, which participants will be in charge of designing and organizing.

The Leadership Program will meet once per week for fifteen weeks. Each session will last one hour. Leadership Program activities will include icebreakers, videos, games, activities, discussions, group work, and work organizing the community project and the Showcase that will celebrate their accomplishments and share their experiences during the program. Outside of the program meetings, each participant will be required to complete at least 5 hours of volunteer work by Week 14 at a place of their choice. Further, depending on the community project they choose to complete, participants may need to spend some time outside of the weekly meetings in order to implement the community project.

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