Elton Jashari


Elton is a youth worker, project coordinator, mentor, trainer, and facilitator of non-formal education programs with more than 6 years of experience in the civic and youth sector.

Аs the head of the Democracy Lab branch - Youth and Community Center (YCC) in Gostivar, he supervises and coordinates various projects with and for the youth and the community in Gostivar generally. He is also the coordinator of daily activities in the center, facilitator of non-formal education programs, trainer, and responsible person for the entire organizational and operational process of the center itself.

Through his work at YCC, he along with his colleagues strives to enable and help young people to develop life skills, think critically, and become responsible and active citizens.

Elton is part of the second generation of certified Youth Workers - a program implemented by the Union for Youth Work.

He graduated and received his master's degree at the Faculty of Contemporary Social Sciences, at the South East European University, in the field of political sciences.

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